Dubai Escort the Best Travel Companion in Dubai

By marina
In dubai
Feb 23rd, 2015

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Dubai is very famous for its business sector and is visited by many people from all over the world. It is an example of man’s genius in engineering and construction that has made this magnificent place into an architectural wonder. With tall building spread all over the city and a beautiful skyline, Dubai is the shining example of wealth, luxury and style. With so many tourist attractions to choose from Dubai is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I had been to Dubai only once and it was for 2 days where I had seen quite a many tourist attractions. The opportunity for a second visit came when I was sent by my company for a week to meet our clients in Dubai and coordinate with them. I was going alone this time and I was almost sure to get bored sitting in the room. But I thought a happening city like Dubai would not disappoint me. The journey began and I was on route to Dubai. While I was leaving, an office colleague suggested I choose Dubai Escorts while my stay there so that I will have some companionship apart from clients.

I was already in thoughts as to how will I be spending my leisure time in Dubai with no one to roam around with. I decided in the flight itself that rather than roaming around alone a Dubai Escort can be keep me company and can also be my tour guide for the further days to come. I finished all my commitments for the first day and came to the hotel room to do some digging on which escort service I should choose. I came across a website that was pretty strict on its privacy policies and found that site to be quite compelling. I paid the money online and booked an escort. I met the escort on the second day in the evening where she was waiting for me in the hotel lobby. Her name was Talia and she was from Russia working in Dubai as an escort. I really liked her as our views matched a little and we were both die hard football fans. She was a very good person to talk to and quite sophisticated for an Escort Dubai. She was nothing like I had pictured in my head.

We travelled to many places together and had a very good time enjoying each other’s company although I did pay money but it was fine she was the only person who had made my business visit fun. We were both foodies so she showed me some famous food joints and restaurants in Dubai were we enjoyed good meals. On the last day, we decided to go clubbing in one the best clubs in Dubai. It was a crazy night and we both had a lot of fun. The business trip was the best I ever had and I hope to have one soon again and meet her.


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