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By marina
In dubai
Feb 23rd, 2015

Dubai Escort

Dubai is one of the most exotic places on the planet with people from all over the world visiting for various business and pleasure purposes. Dubai is very famous for its infrastructure and a shining example of manmade construction and beauty. Everyone loves the company of a beautiful woman especially while travelling. Travelling on a business trip to Dubai i was visiting this beautiful city for the first time. It was supposed to be a 2 day stay which turned into 5 days. With no friends or known colleagues, I was worried I could never enjoy what this beautiful city had to offer. Being lonesome can really be boring especially when you are on a business trip in an unknown place. There was no one I knew who could show me the city’s attractions.  The beauty of Dubai was very evident from the moment I landed there. The city is so tempting to explore but it was very difficult to roam alone with no one to show me my way around the place. I was suggested by a business colleague who met me there that the Escorts Dubai can the solution to my problems.

I was very skeptical of the suggestion he had made because I had never tried something like that. But the loneliness was starting to get to me and with a beautiful city to explore outside my door I decided it will not be the world’s worst idea to hire a Dubai Escort. So I did a quick internet search and came across a website that I found to be quite compelling and genuine. I thoroughly read the website for the terms and conditions and booking details. I paid the money online and selected which escort I wanted to spend time with. The privacy policy was surprisingly very detail oriented with specific instructions and rules for customer privacy. Only the last 2 days of my stay were left and I had not been to a single tourist attraction in Dubai. I had booked the Escort Dubai for the last 3 days. The arrangement was pretty simple I just had to specify whether I would meet her someplace or she would meet me at my hotel and then we would carry on. I preferred calling her to my hotel as I did not know my way around town.

Her name was Irene and she was from UK, living and working as an escort in Dubai. From the moment I laid my eyes on her, the most apt word I could use to describe her was beautiful, not hot or not sexy but beautiful. But I am not a person to judge a book by its cover.  We went to a couple of places on the first day and the second day we decided to go clubbing. We hit the best club in Dubai and partied the whole night. After I got to know her a little better I was very impressed because for an escort she was quite sophisticated. So after we were done at the club I took her to a nice restaurant for dinner and then dropped her home. Though I had paid money for companionship she was good person to talk to.


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