Holly – Come Take Your A-Levels With Me

By marina
In dubai
Sep 11th, 2014

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You know,  A-levels are more than just a school exam in the UK. When you get to know Dubai escorts like me, you know that “A-Levels” are slang for anal sex – which I have passed with flying colours. Yes, as you will see on my profile (along the with the sexy photos of me with my short blond hair and voluptuous breasts) is the statement that I am available for A-Levels. If anal sex is something that you have fantasised about, feel free to give me a call so that I can introduce you to all of its naughty pleasures.

Many women believe anal sex is painful, gross and dirty and perhaps your girlfriend or wife refuses to give it a try. It’s a shame, because anal is only painful when it is done wrong. When you know what you are doing, like many escorts in UAE do, it can be an incredibly sensual and enjoyable experience for both parties! With the right amount of lube and the correct technique, it can be amazing! When we meet, I can even give you a few pointers that you can keep in mind for your future sexual encounters.

Anal sex is a sensation that every man should experience at least once, as the tight and restricting feeling is very different than vaginal sex. Don’t just let it be a fantasy forever that you only ever experience in your imagination… satisfy your curiosity by giving me a call!

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